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Bachelor en Cultures Européennes - Histoire

Take a moment to find out about the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes and the Histoire specialisation track before you make up your mind.

Step 1

The Bachelor en Cultures Européennes is an interdisciplinary programme.


it combines a specialisation in a traditional academic field (in this case: Histoire) with a common curriculum in European Cultures.

Step 2

The Bachelor en Cultures Européennes - Histoire is a trilingual programme.


Histoire specialisation modules and courses are taught in French, German and English.

Step 3

The common curriculum makes up one third of the credits required to graduate (60 ECTS). 


Very concretely, this means that you will have to be able to follow and pass courses in other disciplines in either French, German, or English, or combinations thereof.

IMPORTANT! Before you apply, please check out our programme-specific admission requirements and procedures. The application process varies in length and complexity, depending on your nationality and residence status, and on where you obtained your school leaving qualifications.