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Bachelor en Cultures Européennes - Histoire

Application Procedures

Our application procedure is carried out in two phases. Please make sure you read the information below carefully and check the application windows and deadlines that apply to you.

Step 1

Start your application in the online system


To start your application, please follow the instructions provided on the University website.

Once you have completed the first phase of your online application, you will obtain a temporary Student ID Number as well as a list of required documents and next steps. Please include your full name and Student ID Number in all your communication with the University from this point onward.

Step 2

Submit your documents and finalise your application


Once you have completed Phase 1 of your application, you can get started on Phase 2: submitting the required documents.

IMPORTANT! Starting and completing your application early enhances your chances of success. In other words, DO NOT WAIT until you have all your documents/qualifications before you start your application! Pending documents and qualifications may be submitted later. This also applies if you are in your last year at secondary school. In this case, if your application is successful, we will make you a conditional offer (admission sous condition). Please note that you may be invited to an interview. 

Non-EU Applicants: To ensure they meet the deadlines and requirements linked to immigration procedures, Non-EU applicants must submit all required documents by the required deadlines.

COVID-19: In the current situation, amendments to these requirements, procedures, and deadlines can be made. Please contact our Admissions Team if you have trouble obtaining any of the documents below: