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Doctoral School in Social Sciences

The Doctoral School in Social Sciences is dedicated to the study of social change - one of the most urgent and pressing phenomena in Europe today - and sustainable-economic development as the answer to regulate and steer as well as prevent impacts of social change.

Sound scientific descriptions and previsions of socio-economic developments in core areas of social life as well as a sound sustainable policy on integration and social inclusion, employment, education and health provision are required in order to balance social and economic demands. One of the leading tasks of a university at the beginning of the 21st century is to develop research programmes that elaborate knowledge structures and action models which will secure a sustainable social development.

The general aim of the doctoral school is to develop international and interdisciplinary research excellence and to prepare the candidates for an academic career in research as well as other professional careers in the field of social sciences, economics, social policy as well as social management and development.

The Doctoral School in Social Sciences is leading to a PhD degree in:

  • social sciences (sociology, demography)
  • psychology
  • educational sciences
  • economics