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Master en histoire européenne contemporaine (académique)

What our students say







”I chose the Master in European Contemporary History in order to complement my Bachelor in European Cultures. One great aspect of this programme is the opportunity  to choose between either studying Europe throughout its entire history (from antiquity until today), or only focusing on the process of European integration. I chose the latter, thus looking at EU history from an economic, political, social, and cultural perspective.  

The different approaches and the wide range of topics that we address in seminars give us a profound understanding of EU mechanisms, and of the European integration processes in general. As a student of this master’s programme, one gets to participate in a number of very interesting projects, such as @RealTimeWW1. Such projects and the recently established Digital History Lab enable us students to leave the ‘ivory tower’ of historical research, and to develop our own strategies of presentation for a wider public.

This is a challenging but very interesting master’s programme which, I am convinced, opens great career opportunities. I would strongly recommend the programme  to anyone who wants to get a deeper understanding of events and developments  in contemporary Europe.”

Kelly Adao, 2nd year student