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Master in Modern and Contemporary European Philosophy


I did my Bachelor en Culture Européennes en Philosophie at the University of Luxembourg from 2008-2011. During these studies I learned to appreciate the advantageous ambience of our university. Small seminar groups, interesting teachers, the familial atmosphere and a wide-ranging Philosophy program were the main reasons why I chose to tie in with my Master Studies at the


Nora Schleich




I was always interested in Philosophy, nevertheless I studied a Bachelor in Economics. After finishing my Bachelor and working for a while as a Controller in an international company, I realized the economic principles and suppositions on human behavior are taking us on the wrong direction. Therefore, I wanted to take a break and come back to the University and study further what is behind these principles and what do we need to change about them.


Raquel Luna




"The student community at the Philosophy Department of the University of Luxembourg is small but diverse. The number of students is such that it allowed us to know all our colleagues personally, being aware of everyone's special interests and expertise. During my two years, I have always known whom to ask for help in which area, who would be excited to discuss a certain topic, etc. Despite this family-like atmosphere the range of passions (analytic, existentialist, Kantian) and background in philosophical culture (French, German, English) represented by the students is as wide as in any big international city. What's more, the professors are just as diverse, and ready to give detailed personal feedback. My two years in the philosophy masters program were intensely enriching and very enjoyable, too."

Katalin Turai