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Master in Information and Computer Sciences

Information Theory and Coding
Module:Module 2.6, Semester 2
Objective: The objective of this course is to provide an understanding of fundamental communication limits and means of approaching them
Course learning outcomes: * Compute fundamental communication limits
* Compress simple information sources
* Describe the fundamental blocks of digital communication systems (physical layer)
* Encode binary information with a convolutional code

Description: The course contains:
- Shannon's concept of mathematically quantising information and uncertainty for a communication setup
- Explanations that both compression and error free transmission have an extremal rate which can be computed via entropy and mutual information
- Methods to compress sources
- Digital transmission techniques and their complexity for inter-symbol-interference channels
- Simple error correction codes, convolutional codes
Organization:The course is organized as a series of theoretical lectures intermixed with exercises/homework.
Language: English
Lecturer: SORGER Ulrich
Rating: Final Exam: 75%
Homework: 25%