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Master in integrated systems biology (académique)

Master in Integrated Systems Biology

What do you like most about MISB?
I consider Systems Biology to be the future of Biology/Biochemistry in what concerns the full understanding of human body. Having that in mind, I think MISB is just 'what we needed'/'what was missing' (we don't have such a Master Programme in my home-country Portugal... either master in molecular biology or genetics or biochemistry, but not a 'so integrative' master)
Furthermore, I appreciate the very up-to-date info, the strong practical component, the chance that every students actually works in the practicals as well as the possibility to learn 'classic biology' while having instruction also in bioinformatics,'omics' and 'real' systems biology. (Read more...)


What do you like most about MISB?

The most charming aspect of the MISB course at the University of Luxembourg is the integration between various kinds of sciences; biochemistry, mathematics, and computer sciences. After the complete of Human Genome Project in 2003, the method of thinking for biologist is broader to think at “-omics” level where the amount of data is overwhelming.

Integrating the computing sciences to biology work helps a lot to handle such massive amounts of data. Personally, I’m always deeply interested in computer science and I worked in the field of biology and medicine before. That’s the reason why the MISB course is suitable for my studying perfectly. (Read more...)