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Bachelor in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics (DMATH) organises a "Prep Camp" from 13 to 17 September 2021, whose participation is compulsory for students newly registered at BMATH (except for those with valid reason, to be justified to the director of studies The goal is to review or discover some major themes which mastery by the students is essential before starting studies in mathematics at the University of Luxembourg. It will also be an opportunity to familiarize with the way a typical university course is taught, and to discover the university campus as well as some of the teachers involved in the bachelor.

(NOTE: The "Prep Camp" is part of the "Math Camp", which will take place from 6 to 17 September 2021 and which is open to all students of the University of Luxembourg enrolling in the first year. From 6 to 10 September 2021 is also organised a "Boot Camp". Participation is not compulsory for students newly enrolled in BMATH, but is however recommended for those who need to review or familiarize again with concepts and techniques already covered in secondary school, focusing on those that have been used throughout their university curriculum.) 

Prep Camp dates: 13-17 September 2021 

Registration: closed

Location: face-to-face in Belval or online (more information in the confirmation email)

Language: FR and EN

Schedule (of the English version of the prep camp)

 13-17 September 2021






 9:00-9:55: Elementary Logic - Sebastiano Tronto 

 9:00-9:55: Elementary Logic - Sebastiano Tronto 

 9:00-9:55 : Introduction to Analysis - Laurent Loosveldt

 Welcome Day




 9:00-9:55: Introduction to  Linear Algebra - Antonella Perucca 

 10:00-10:55: Sets and Functions - Antonella Perucca

 10:00-10:55: Sets and Functions - Antonella Perucca

 10:00-10:55: Introduction to Linear Algebra - Antonella Perucca

 10:00-11:25: Geometry - Damjan Pistalo

 11:00-11:55: Complex Numbers - Pietro Sgobba

 11:00-11:55:Introduction to Analysis - Laurent Loosveldt

 11:00-11:55: How to write mathematics - Pierre Perruchaud


Horaires (de la version française du prep camp)

 13 au 17 septembre 2021






 9:00-9:55: Logique élémentaire - Jean-Marc Schlenker

 9:00-9:55: Logique élémentaire - Jean-Marc Schlenker

 9:00-9:55 : Introduction à l'analyse - Giovanni Peccati  

 Welcome Day




  9:00-9:55: Introduction à l'algèbre linéaire - Ivan Nourdin    

 10:00-10:55: Ensemble et fonctions - Bruno Teheux

 10:00-10:55: Ensemble et fonctions - Bruno Teheux

 10:00-10:55: Introduction à l'algèbre linéaire - Ivan Nourdin

 10:00-11:25: Géométrie - Norbert Poncin

 11:00-11:55: Nombres complexes - Jean-Luc Marichal 

11:00-11:55: Introduction à l'analyse - Giovanni Peccati

 11:00-11:55: Rédaction des mathématiques - Ivan Nourdin