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Master of Science in Engineering - Sustainable Product Creation

The Master of Science in Engineering – Sustainable Product Creation provides engineering students with a comprehensive understanding of all relevant aspects of the product creation process. The courses cover market segment definition, product designing and calculation, product manufacturing and product recycling and re-use. The classes include all aspects of sustainable product creation and have an interdisciplinary scope with mechanical and electrical know how.



Moreover, the findings of a first employability study (conducted by the University together with the "Institut Universitaire International de Luxembourg" and Deloitte Tax & Consulting) show that 95% of the students who accomplished the Engineering Bachelor in October 2010 at the University of Luxembourg, were able to find a job within the first six months.




Learning outcomes

  • The graduate is capable of planning, designing and manufacturing products in a sustainable fashion in order to meet market demand.
  • He/she is trained to apply all techniques, skills and modern engineering tools, which are required for engineering practice.
  • He/she has a comprehensive understanding of engineering techniques and state-of-the-art methods.

Therefore this Master aims primarily at:

  • Providing students with a profound (both detailed and broad) education in the domain of sustainable product creation.
  • Enabling students to understand the impact of their engineering work with regards to sustainable resources.
  • Preparing students for an international design, manufacturing or research career.
  • Introducing students to current research topics and enabling them to contribute to this research.
  • Fostering autonomous scientific work and problem solving.
  • Teaching students a goal-oriented, well-structured working style.
  • Enabling students to present and defend scientific results.

Career opportunities

  • Management position in industry
  • Leadership position in public administration or education
  • Research and development at university, industry or public research institutes

After acceptance

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Programme at a glance

  • Start of studies: September
  • Enrolment start: Middle of January
  • Deadline Non-European students: End of April
  • Deadline European students: Middle of August
  • 2 years full-time programme / 4 semesters: 120 ECTS
  • Registration fees: 200 € / Semester
  • Teaching language: English
  • Campus: Kirchberg, Belval