Current members: 

Dr Stephanie Kreis (Associate Professor)

Dr Christiane Wurth-Margue (Research Scientist)

Dr Ines Kozar (Post-Doc Scientist)

Demetra Philippidou (Senior technician)

Milène Tetsi Nomigni (Technician)

Tijana Randic (DTU CriTiCs PhD student)

Vincent Gureghian (DTU CanBio PhD student)

Research topics:

  • Melanoma biology and drug resistance mechanisms
  • miRNAs (regulation, function, role as biomarkers, transmission by exosomes)
  • Transcriptional regulation with focus on non-coding RNAs
  • Kinase inhibitor (combinatorial) testing in novel 3D cell models
  • qCLASH technology for identification of non-canonical miRNA binding sites


  • CanBio: DTU with LIH, 2 PhD positions (Ines Kozar and Vincent Gureghian)
  • CriTics: DTU with LCSB, 1 PhD position (Tijana Randic)


Stephanie Kreis