Math Forge

"For those who want to improve their skills, need guided help or simply want to learn more, the doors of the Learning Centre and the ears of mathematicians are open."

What is… Math Forge?

This new initiative of the Department of Mathematics aims to provide an additional means of support in mathematics for students of all disciplines. It is a bi-weekly (Wednesday 17:30-19:00 and Friday 12:00-13:00) math clinic which takes place in the Learning Centre and where students can get help guided by mathematicians working at the University of Luxembourg.

How to Join Math Forge?

All the information about the participation in Math Forge sessions is published on the corresponding Moodle Course via this link

Why a math clinic and who is it for?

The University of Luxembourg embraces diversity and has students who come from an extraordinary variety of backgrounds. This also means that students begin their studies with different skill sets and different needs for their mathematical training. Math Forge provides additional support for those who need it or who are eager to learn more about this fascinating discipline.

Who are the tutors?

All of the tutors are mathematicians, with PhDs in mathematics or working towards obtaining one at Like the students and professors, they too come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures but with a common passion for this extraordinary discipline. The current “head coach” is Mélanie Theilliere who is postdoc at the University of Luxembourg.

What makes Math Forge different from more standard tutorial sessions?

Math Forge, on a bi-weekly basis, creates an informal setting where students can seek help, ask questions and tune up on their analytic thinking. The combination of a dedicated learning space equipped with the appropriate documentation, and the expertise of professional mathematicians (researchers) creates a unique learning environment. Students can find answers and inspiration without being graded or judged.

Where did Math Forge come from?

Bruno Teheux and Hugo Parlier came up with the idea, inspired by the exceptional learning environment provided by the Luxembourg Learning Centre and encouraged by an increasing demand to provide a more varied approach to mathematical teaching. The idea was met with equal enthusiasm by Julie Willems and Andreas Amendt from the Learning Centre who helped shape the idea into a concrete bi-weekly “math clinic”.

What’s special about math?

Mathematics is at the heart of analytical reasoning, and is the language of science. The modern world requires a fair amount of mathematical understanding. But it is also infamous for its difficulties and obstacles to students’ progressions.