Remark: The PhD program at the University of Luxembourg exists since 2005.


  • to come: Boonyarit Changaival (4Q/2018)


  • Dr. Winfried Höhn: Semi-automatische Annotation von Orten in digitalisierten Altkarten.
  • Dr. Kolawole John Adebayo: Multimodal Legal Information Retrieval..
  • Dr. Muhammad Umer Wasim: Design and Implementation of Legal Protection for Trade Secrets in Cloud Brokerage Architectures relying on Blockchains.


  • Dr. Javed Ahmed: An Ontological Framework for Social Relationship Modeling in Online Social Networks.
  • Dr. Alessandra Malerba: Interpretive Interactions among Legal Systems and Argumentation Schemes.
  • Dr. Agustin Ambrossio: Non-Monotonic Logics for Access Control: Delegation Revocation and Distributed Policies.
  • Dr. Marc van Zee: Rational Architecture: Reasoning about Enterprise Dynamics.
  • Dr. Shyam Wagle: SLA Violation Detection Model and SLA Assured Service Brokering (SLaB) in Multi-Cloud Architecture.
  • Dr. Anh Quan Nguyen: Mullti-Objective Cloud Brokering Optimisation Taking into Account Uncertainty and Load Prediction.


  • Dr. Ana-Maria Simionovici: Load prediction and balancing for cloud-based voice-over-ip solutions.
  • Dr. Alessio Antonini: FirstLife: building a technological platform for supporting urban networks and institutions cooperation in daily activities.
  • Dr. Llio Humphreys: Populating legal ontologies with information extraction based on semantic role labeling and text similarity
  • Dr. Claudio Fiandrino: Energy-efficient communications in cloud, mobile cloud and fog computing.
  • Dr. Sune S. Nielsen: Diversity preserving genetic algorithms application to the inverted folding problem and analogous formulated benchmarks.
  • Dr. Dimitrios Kampas: Topic Identification considering word order in Markov Chains.
  • Dr. Sviatlana Höhn: Data-driven repair models for text chat with language learners.


  • Dr. Yu Li: Mathematical Modelling of Network Traffic.
  • Dr. Agata Grzybek: Community-based vehicular networks for traffic information systems.
  • Dr. Jakub MuszynskiCheating –Tolerance of Parallel and Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Desktop Grids and Volunteer Computing System
  • Dr. Mikolaj Podlaszewski: Poles Apart: Navigating the Space of Opinions in Argumentation
  • Dr. Silvano Colombo Tosatto: Proving Regulatory Compliance: Business Processes, Logic, Complexity


  • Dr. Mateusz GuzekHolistic, Autonomic, and Energy-aware Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing.
  • Dr. Tjitze RienstraArgumentation in Flux: Models of Change in the Theory of Argumentation.
  • Dr. Apostolos Stathakis: Satellite Payload Reconfiguration Optimisation.
  • Dr. Cesar DiazEnergy-efficient scheduling in grid computing and resource allocation in opportunistic cloud computing: models and algorithms.
  • Dr. Frederic PinelEnergy – Performance Optimisation in the Cloud.
  • Dr. Mihail Minev: Feature Detection and Classification in Financial News. University of Luxembourg.


  • Dr. Christian Franck: On Intersection Codes and Iterative Decoding. University of Luxembourg.
  • Dr. Thomas SchaberreiterBayesian Network Based On-Line Risk Prediction Framework for Interdependent Critical Infrastructures. With University of Oulu, Finland.
  • Dr. Benoit Bertholon: CertiCloud and JShadObf: Toward Integrity and Software Protection in Cloud Computing Platforms. University of Luxembourg.
  • Dr. Matthijs MelissenGame-theory and Logic for Non-repudiation Protocols and Attack. University of Luxembourg.
  • Dr. Patricia RuizCross layer protocol design for ad-hoc networks/vanets. University of Luxembourg.
  • Dr. Jedrzej MusialInternet Shopping. With University of Poznan, Poland.
  • Dr. Alexandru-Liviu OlteanuOn clustering in multiple criteria decision aid: Theory and applications. University of Luxembourg.


  • Dr. Yining WuBetween Argument and Conclusion - Argument-based Approaches to Discussion, Inference and Uncertainty. University of Luxembourg. 
  • Dr. Guillaume HerbietProtocol Optimisation for ad hoc networks and realistic simulation. University of Luxembourg. 
  • Dr. Thomas VenezianoOn the stability of outranking relations: Theoretical and practical aspects. University of Luxembourg. 
  • Dr. Valerio GenoveseModalities for access control: Logics, Proof-Theory, and Applications. University of Luxembourg. 
  • Dr. Jayanta PorayINACS - an Incremental System to manage Conversational Streams. University of Luxembourg. 


  • Dr. Marija SlavkovikJudgment Aggregation for Multi-Agent Systems. University of Luxembourg. 
  • Dr. Malika MehdiCombinatorial P2P Optimisation on grids. With University of Lille, France. 


  • Dr. Apivadee PiyatumrongTrust management for ad-hoc networks. University of Luxembourg. 
  • Dr. Patrice CaireNew Tools for Conviviality. University of Luxembourg. 
  • Dr. Tomasz IgnacTree-Based Computation in Probalistic Models. University of Luxembourg. 
  • Dr. Julien Schleich: Robust Dominating Set Based Virtual Backbones for Wireless Ad hoc Networks. With University of Metz, France. 
  • Dr. Sascha KaufmannCUBA - Artificial Conviviality and User Behaviour Analysis. University of Luxembourg. 
  • Dr. Maria BiryukovMethods of Extracting Meta-Information from Bibliographic Databases. University of Luxembourg. 
  • Dr. Marek OstazewskiTrust modeling for ad-hoc networks. University of Luxembourg. 
  • Dr. Serena VillataMeta- Argumentation for Multiagent Systems: Coalition Formation, Merging Views, Subsumption Relation and Dependence Networks. With University of Torino, Italy (co-supervision). 



  • Dr. Michael HilkerNetwork Security Through Artificial Immunity with SANA. University of Luxembourg. 
  • Dr. Marcin Seredynski: Trust modeling for ad-hoc networks. With Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Dr. Gregoire DanoyA Multi-Agent Approach for Hybrid and Dynamic Coevolutionary Genetic Algorithms: Organisational Model and Real-World Problems Applications. With Ecole des Mines de St. Etienne


  • Dr. Luc HogieDelay Tolerant Networks: Modeling, Simulation and Broadcast-based Applications. University of Luxembourg. 
  • Dr. Patrick MeyerProgressive methods in multiple criteria decision analysis. University of Luxembourg. 
  • Dr. Claude LamborayPrudent ranking rules: Theoretical contributions and applications. University of Luxembourg. 


  • Dr. Luigi SauroFormalising Admissibility Criteria in Coalition Formation among Goal Directed Agents. With University of Torino, Italy (co-supervision).