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Team ProDIGIs won 10000 euros prize at Morpheus Cup 2017

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Published on Friday, 12 May 2017

Sakthivel Manikandan Sundharam, a PhD researcher in Computer Science and Communication research unit along with Laurent Fey and Marc Kirsch, students of Bachelor Professionnel en Informatique from the University of Luxembourg were very successful with their projects during the third edition of the Morpheus Cup on 28 April 2017.

Their team named ProDIGIs is thrilled by the positive feedback, which recognises all the hard work put in the development of the project. 

They won the Life Prize, the Logistics Prize and the Special Jury Award. The latter one is an honour with 10 000€ prize money rewarding a project among the best projects from various categories, pitched in front of jury members from industry. This award is an encouragement to pursue an entrepreneurial dream.


PhD researcher Sakthivel Manikandan Sundharam explains in details this adventure: 

Could you present your projects? 

Actually, there are two projects. The first project is entitled “IoT enabled Smart city – Minuter4Commuter”. The objective of the system is to help drivers to locate free parking places through Internet, and also provide the city with statistics about the parking lot usage, and possibly to identify in real-time the overtime parking. Also, it can be useful to decide the location and free-parking time for downtown parking places. Typically, existing IoT aided parking solutions are not battery-operated, not portable and power inefficient systems. 

The project Minuter4Commuter solves these limitations with a prototype of the system which is portable, low power both in terms of hardware and software, and connected to the Internet through the SigFox IoT network. This project has been supported, in the framework of Laurent’s and Marc’s Bachelor end-of-study internship, by the City of Esch-sur-Alzette and the company RMS, and supervised by Prof. Nicolas Navet from the Computer Science Research Unit. 

The second project, named “e-log (logistics electronically)”, won the Logistics Prize sponsored by Cargolux. It consists of an IoT empowered solution for asset tracking, both in warehouses and during transportation. The items are tracked using smart devices including RFIDs, GPS and various sensors. Using cameras, temperature/humidity, shock sensors, the monitoring and control of a shipment, as well as stock inventory management, can be done efficiently. In short, the data collected from sensors are processed and turned into business valuable information. 

Did you face some challenges/difficulties? 

Since IoT is an interdisciplinary subject, we had to acquire skills from different domains. For instance, we had to construct the physical pole that carries the device, taking into account issues like withstanding all weather conditions, was new to us. A main issue was also to design systems that are power-efficient so that the battery must not be changed or recharged too often. From a practical point of view, sensor selection is also a crucial step and this requires time-consuming experimentations. 

How did you experience the competition? 

It was the chance to meet participants from many countries to share and learn about the latest technologies.  It was a great awareness experience on topics not directly linked to our study field, like FinTech, Business, Marketing, Space, etc. 

What will you do with this reward?    

The reward motivates us to develop solutions for practical societal problems, like healthcare or transportation systems, that can be in many cases improved by technology. It also gives us confidence in our capabilities to design and build applicable solutions. And the prize money will be of course of much help to us to set up small labs!