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Emerging regulations in ICT: anticipating changes

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Published on Tuesday, 09 May 2017

On 28 April 2017, around 60 students, academics and professionals attended the third edition of the Information Security Education Day (ISED) on the Belval campus. Discussions focused on the impact of new regulations on research and business activities.

After an introduction by Yves le Traon, Professor in Computer Science at the University of Luxembourg and Nicolas Mayer, Senior R&T Associate at LIST, five speakers tackled the topic from various perspectives.

Sébastien Pineau, Lead Partnership Officer at LIST, presented the project to create an integrated regulation platform in Luxembourg in order to facilitate exchanges with regulators, improve the quality, agility and efficiency in government, risk and compliance (GRC) activities and optimize the multi-regulation reporting.

In his presentation, Jean-Michel Remiche, Manager of IT Security at POST Telecom PSF, stressed on cloud computing which has recently moved the boundaries as applications and store data are managed and maintained externally in a separate environment. To compare services offered in the cloud, he presented the Cloud Security Risk Assessment tool.

From a research viewpoint, Mehrdad Sabetzadeh, SnT Senior Research Scientist, at the University of Luxembourg, explained some trends and experience on artificial intelligence (AI) in law. The role of AI in law is to provide analytical assistance and cut mundane work in regulatory compliance activities. To reduce the knowledge gap between legal and IT experts, he is working with the government on two projects to extract metadata and simulate policies.

Jean Goetzinger, President of CLUSIL, focused on security and privacy issues regarding the growing number of connected objects (smart thermostats, connected cars, parking sensors, etc.) called “Internet of Things (IoT)”. To reduce the vulnerability of IoT systems, he gave some best practices and presented recent regulations.

Finally, Jean Goetzinger, Sébastien Pineau and Jean-Michel Remiche joined David Hagen, Head of IT Supervision and Support PFS at CSSF and Alain Hermann, IT & New Technologies at CNPD, to exchange their viewpoints during a round table moderated by Pascal Steichen, CEO at Securitymadein.lu.

A fourth ISED edition is already planned for 2018, the theme will be announced early next year.

Pictures and presentations: https://ised.uni.lu