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In accordance with Article 4.7 of its Main Statutes, an Ombuds-Committee was constituted at the DSSE. 

The tasks of the nominated ombudspersons include:

  • Facilitate the dialogue between conflicting parties
  • Contact person in case of unresolved problems and conflicts within the Doctoral School, e.g., between a doctoral candidate and a supervisor
  • Neutral party to support the solution of problems and mediator
  • Responsible for resolving disputes where possible
  • Conduct an investigation in case of serious conflicts
  • Work according to the Code of ethics and practices of the international Ombudsman Association

The Ombudsteam is available for all doctoral candidates and supervisors in the DSSE, independent of a work contract with the university.

For cases of conflict or disagreement, especially when related to imbalance of power, please do not hesitate to contact any of the following people.

Serge Haan






Susanne Siebentritt





Aline Vander Borght

Norbert Poncin













All cases will be treated confidentially and nominations of further Ombudspersons are possible for individual cases.
We would furthermore want to draw your attention to the office of psychological support for students, which provides individual, confidential and free consulting as well as support which can help you identify the problems and propose alternatives of solutions.