The Doctoral School in Science and Engineering (DSSE) is a research and training environment, which provides structured doctoral education. As a part of the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine (FSTM), the DSSE aims at training young researchers through cutting edge research and supports the attainment of competences for personal and career development of doctoral candidates in close cooperation with the FSTM’s departments. The doctoral school provides an excellent research environment, integrated in interdisciplinary scientific and/or industrial networks, as well as training in STEM subjects and transferable skills, to support employability of our candidates.

Next to transferring cutting-edge scientific and technological knowledge, the development of independent and critical thinking, based on applied values of good scientific practice, is the backbone of the DSSE’s general teaching objectives. Furthermore, the DSSE aims at developing the abilities of those candidates interested in commercially applied research to identify opportunities for technological or industrial advances and to assist them to transfer that knowledge from academia to industry.


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More than 570 doctoral candidates from more than 60 countries are now pursuing their studies in the DSSE, which currently offers seven doctoral programmes in civil engineering, computational sciences, computer science and computer engineering, mathematics and applications, mechanical/electro and communications engineering, physics and materials science, and systems and molecular biomedicine. The course offers of the doctoral programmes are open for all doctoral candidates in Luxembourg so as to foster interdisciplinarity and cross-fertilization. Special transversal events, addressing doctoral candidates from multiple programmes, support further cross-border thinking.


The DSSE’s governance structure is based on representative committees, presided by an elected head of the doctoral school. Its operative structure consists of a common pool of supporting staff. These structures are set in the DSSE’s statutes in order to ensure strategic and operative coherency as well as administrational quality. Academic independency is fostered by a ring-fenced budget. 

Main statutes of the Doctoral School in Science and Engineering (PDF)

We value the rules for research integrity as defined by the Singapore Statement.