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FNR Awards 2020: congratulations to Maciej Chrzanowski

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Published on Friday, 20 November 2020

Maciej Chrzanowski, who did his doctorate within the Department of Engineering at the University of Luxembourg, received an FNR Award for his outstanding PhD thesis: Shear Transfer in Heavy Steel-Concrete Composite Columns with Multiple Encased Steel Profiles”

Inspired by the close collaboration between the local industry and the University of Luxembourg, Maciej Chrzanowski completed his doctoral studies at the University’s ArcelorMittal Chair of Steel Construction, headed by Prof. Christoph Odenbreit, in collaboration with ArcelorMittal.

His research, supervised by Prof. Odenbreit, on composite columns with multiple encased steel profiles, which are used to construct tall buildings, aimed at improving their safety when carrying the weight of the construction and the sustainability to guarantee the optimal use of building materials. He studied the local acting shear forces – the movement between steel and concrete within the column – analysed the transfer of forces across the whole column and proposed a new innovative engineering model to properly assess the structural behaviour of columns in tall buildings.

“At the University of Luxembourg, you benefit from a very good environment to do research. Close connections to the top international universities, research centres and top engineering offices foster extraordinary exchange and collaborations. Moreover, high expertise and accessibility of all supervisors allow to conduct high-quality research,” says Chrzanowski.

Today, Chrzanowski works as a construction engineer at ArcelorMittal Steligence, where he can apply R&D techniques in practice.