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2022 Audacity projects

AMINF: Inflammation and Amyloid from Atoms to Tissue

by J. Berryman and M. Heneka

Amyloid diseases in general have complex and often unknown etiologies, however inflammatory processes are a common feature of the large-scale killers, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s.

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SolarZukunft: Evaluating the social and visual impacts of distributed solar energy transitions in land and cityscapes

by C. Jones and P. Dale

To better understand social preferences, the Solar Living Lab develops camouflaged Photovoltaics (PV) and evaluates them using AR & city models. 

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PIONEER: A Prototype Service for Forest Inventory and Health Monitoring using Endurance Drones and Citizen Science

by N. Teferle and A. König

Forest ecosystems can play important roles as habitats for diverse species, as drivers of bio-geo-chemical cycles including the water and nutrient cycles, they can promote water infiltration in soil and help the build-up of ground water bodies, and as such they can contribute also to the resilience of regional ecosystems against impacts of extreme weather events, such as droughts.

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