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Young Academics Projects

IBIOMO: Image Informed Biomechanical Brain Tumor Forecast Modelling



Co-PIs: Stéphane BORDAS and Andreas HUSCH

AQMA: Approaching Quantum Mechanical Accuracy for Drug-Protein Binding with Machine Learning

by Mirela PULEVA


Co-PIs: Alexandre TKATCHENKO and Alexander SKUPIN

e/i-V:PLACE: e/i-Voting: Political and Legal Aspects in the Cyber Era

by Leo FEL


Co-PIs: Josip GLAURDIC and Peter RYAN

MITIGATER: Microfinance and Transformative Inclusion: Gendered Approaches Targeting Environmental Resilience in Small Island Developing States

by Linnet REID


Co-PIs: Harlan KOFF and Conchita d'AMBROSIO

AES anti-phishing: Achieving efficient and sustainable anti-phishing solutions

by Xiaowei CHEN

Co-PIs: Vincent KOENIG and Gabriele LENZINI

SUMCO: Shared Underlying Mechanisms of Long-COvid and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - A psychoneuroendocrinological and psychoimmunological perspective

by Nina BUNTIC


Co-PIs: Andre SCHULZ and Jochen SCHNEIDER

NETCOM: Using non-equilibrium thermodynamics to optimize the energy demand of computation



Co-PIs: Matteo POLETTINI, Pascal BOUVRY and Frederic PINEL

LeukoKids: Impact of early life stress on health in children with leukemia



Co-PIs: Claus VOGELE and Gilbert MASSARD

HARMONISE: China's infrastructure development in Europe from a human rights perspective: The cases of Italy and Ukraine

by Stanislav GUBENKO


Co-PIs: Matthew HAPPOLD and Benteng ZOU

DATART: DATA analytics for ART-valuation

by Alessandro TUGNETTI


Co-PIs: Roman KRAUSSL and Gilbert FRIDGEN