UniLu Sustainability LunchTalks


The news talk about global warming, fair ecological and energy transitions, social justice, the circular economy and sustainable finance.Yet the mass of information is confusing.

To cut through the noise and to reinforce the internal dialogue and commitment for sustainable and societal development, the University of Luxembourg has launched a new LunchTalk series devoted to sustainability.

These LunchTalks show the University's commitment to share information and raise awareness on the very diverse themes of sustainability. So that we can - individually and collectively - contribute to a sustainable way of life in Luxembourg.

The Sustainability LunchTalks are for everyone, staff and students alike. They are organized for you. In a short and interactive format, they help you to understand and prepare for the future transformations to come.

The Sustainability LunchTalk series is coordinated by Laurent Betry, Chief Sustainability Officer of the University of Luxembourg.

For any questions or comments, please contact UniLu.Sustainability@uni.lu


Join the LunchTalk “The environmental impact of our mobility”on 21st September at 12:30

Mobility in many ways embodies our way of life. It encourages exchanges and mixing, it allows us to go about our daily lives, it makes us curious about landscapes and cultures of others. It also draws attention to its shortcomings: pollution, noise, land artificialisation, mass tourism, damage to biodiversity... Fingers are pointed at the airplane, but also at the private car. Flight shaming is on the rise and calls for changes in behaviour are pressing. What are the real environmental impacts of our mobility? Our individual and collective actions depend on recognising and understanding them.




  • Dr. Elorri Igos and Dr. Thoma Gibon, r&t associate in the “SUSTAIN” Research Unit at the Lusembourg Institute of the Science and Technology (LIST)

The co-host will be Prof. Francesco Viti, from the Department of Engineering at the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine at the University of Luxembourg. He leads the Transportation Engineering Lab (MobiLab) and teaches Traffic Planning and Management, Transport and Mobility, Logistics Management, and Infrastructure Design.

Mobility represents significant sustainability challenges in Luxembourg. Besides issues linked with fuel tourism and an ever-increasing volume of cross-border commuting, Luxembourg tops Europe's rankings in car ownership rate or new sales' emission levels. Residents drive often, and travel frequently by plane, e.g. for holidays.

In this talk, we will explore the environmental impacts of mobility patterns in Luxembourg and what solutions can be envisaged in order to mitigate related environmental impacts.





Join the LunchTalk “The environmental impact of our food” on 29th June at 12:30

“The environmental impact of our food” on the 29th of June at 12:30

Food is a source of life and well-being but is also responsible for many imbalances. Producing our food in the fields and the farms may affect ecosystems and the climate, as does our food purchases and consumer choices. Food waste also remains an important issue. What sustainable options are available to us when it comes to our food?


 In this talk, we will explore how what we eat can affect the environment, looking at the whole supply chain, from the farm to the fork. We will also analyse different solutions to reduce our carbon footprint, and if there are any trade-offs to consider before changing our dietary habits. 

The co-host will be Dr. Rachel Reckinger, Principle Investigator of Sustainable Food Practices (food.uni.lu) and member of the national Conseil Supérieur pour un Développement Durable (Nohaltegkeetsrot).