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First-year student in informatics awarded

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Published on Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Elmir Avdusinovic, who started the Bachelor in Applied Information Technology in September 2020, received a copy of the book “How Big is Big? How Fast is Fast?: A Hands-On Tutorial on Mathematics of Computation” from his author, Prof. Franck Leprévost.

How to think algorithmically

In order to equip first year students in computer science, engineering, life sciences or mathematics with the algorithmic mindset needed in their studies, Franck Leprévost, Professor within the Department of Computer Science at the University of Luxembourg, wrote a tutorial to think as a problem-solver. The book “How Big is Big? How Fast is Fast?: A Hands-On Tutorial on Mathematics of Computation” was published in 2020.

“Contemporary online banking, secure company and state communication, e-commerce, private communication in today's cyberworld: all crucially rely on prime numbers. But how to check whether a number is prime or not? How to perform this test in a couple of seconds for an integer larger than the number of particles in the observable universe? How to assess the balance between speed and risk? Based on various examples and many exercises, this book invites students to assess orders of magnitude, to think algorithmically, and to make sound decisions despite partial information”, explains Prof. Leprévost.

Handing over the book to a student

To congratulate Elmir Avdusinovic for his excellent results during the first semester, Prof. Franck Leprévost gave Elmir a copy of his book: “I would like to warmly compliment Elmir for his outstanding grades and I am more than happy to offer him a copy of my tutorial published in 2020 for the start of the academic year. Elmir could be proud of his first achievements and I would like to encourage him to keep going with the same involvement and enthusiasm”, comments Prof. Leprévost.

After having obtained his secondary school diploma from the Lycée des Arts et Métiers, Elmir joined the University of Luxembourg in September 2020 to start the Bachelor in Applied Information Technology. Despite the covid situation, he greatly appreciates the support he gets from the professors and mutual aid between students. He also likes the effort done by teachers to make courses comprehensive and interactive by using innovative tools such as Yactul. Elmir is very honoured to receive the book: “It means a lot to me to have received this price, since it serves as confirmation that my hard work has paid off. I consider myself rather lucky to have had great support along the way, and I hope that even among the current circumstances, the other students and I will continue to present great efforts. Again, thank you for a great first semester, and hopefully many more to come.”