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Information Security Education Day (ISED) - 2022 Edition

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Published on Monday, 30 May 2022

The seventh edition of the ISED took place 20 May 2022 in Maison du Savoir on Belval campus and tackled the topic “Demystifying the Dark Web: Challenges & Threats". Around 50 participants were present and took part in this half day event.

The conference started with some welcoming words from Nicolas Mayer and Guillaume Haben and were followed by several talks from professionals in the industry including:  Alexandre Dulaunoy, Security researcher at CIRCL who’s talk was entitled “Showcase: accessing the dark web - Improving semantic analysis of dark web for operational and strategic CTI”,  Paul Yung, CERT-XLM Team leader discussed the “DarkNet: usage & myths in incident response & threat prevention”, Dr. Dalia Khader talked about “ Winning the Cyber Fight: Good vs Evil” and Patrick Wheeler on “ How to act / react correctly, negotiating with hackers”. Police du Luxembourg was also present and did a presentation on “Digital Forensics unit at the Police and some Dark Web related cases”.

"The Dark Web is widely highlighted in media, but in reality not so well-known, even by professionals. The conference helped to bridge that gap and reported on how the Dark Web is currently monitored and exploited by cybersecurity experts” said Nicolas Mayer.

Yves Le Traon, Full Professor in Computer Science and part of the organization mentioned: “This event is a unique opportunity for students, alumni and practitioners to meet, learn and exchange about the most recent challenges that our society faces in terms of security and privacy. The Dark Web has been partly demystified thanks to the high-quality speakers, who could unveil a bit the “mystery” of the Dark Web, while providing solutions at various levels (technical, organizational, law enforcement)”.

The talks were followed by some questions and answers and lunch was organized.


About ISED

The Information Security Education Day (ISED) is a yearly one-day event co-organised by the University of Luxembourg (Department of Computer Science) and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), sponsored by the Club de la sécurité de l’information Luxembourg (CLUSIL) and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT).  

Why an Education Day? ISED is a yearly event aiming at providing new knowledge on a hot-topic related to security and privacy. The conference primarily targets the current and former students of the professional Master in Information Security System Management.

Why is it open to all practitioners? ISED provides an ideal forum where academics and practitioners can learn about the different facets of a key-topic, exchange and discuss ideas, and compare experiences. In this spirit, ISED seeks to be an interdisciplinary event, open to all. The speakers will bring their expertise in different areas covering the legal, technical and research-wise facets of the theme.

https://ised.uni.lu - Information Security Education Day (ISED) - 20 May 2022