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European University Foundation

The University of Luxembourg is a member of the European University Foundation.

Student exchange in the framework of Campus Europae (exchange programme of EUF) is generally carried out by the means of Erasmus bilateral agreements signed between the member universities for the different study programmes.

Within Campus Europae, students are encouraged to study one semester up to one or two years abroad during their university studies. In the second case, one year abroad is to be organized during the Bachelor and the second during the Master studies. The aim is to get acquainted with the language and the culture of the host country. An Erasmus grant can be allocated to participating students for a stay abroad of one year within the Campus Europae programme.

Campus Europae delivers a CE certificate to students who have studied on year abroad in one of the member universities, have earned at least 45 ECTS credits/year and have reached a B1 level in the language of the host institution. A CE degree can be awarded in addition to the national degree of their home university to students who have carried out two years of study abroad and fulfilled the same conditions for both years.

Campus Europae also offers online language courses for CE students who would like to improve their language skills before departure. Those language courses are accessible via the language learning platform Speak-up.

Further information can be found on the website of Campus Europae.

Outgoing students

The application procedure is the same as for outgoing Erasmus students.

Incoming students

The application procedure is the same as for incoming Erasmus students.

For any further question feel free to contact us under: incoming@uni.lu