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Dr. Maren Krüger

Maren Krüger

Education Programme Specialist

Faculty or Centre Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
Department LCSB Operations
Postal Address Campus Belval, Université du Luxembourg
7, Avenue des Hauts Fourneaux
L-4362 Esch-sur-Alzette
Campus Office BioTech I, 1.04D
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 6731

Coordinator of the Scienteens Lab at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, University of Luxemburg

Brief CV:

  • Teacher for biology and chemistry at a private vocational school, Schulwerk-Mitte, Nürtingen / Germany
  • Postdoctoral fellow in the Institute of Human Genetics, University of Tübingen / Germany
  • Postdoctoral fellow in the Section for Radiobiology and Molecular Environmental Research (Department for Radiooncology), University of Tübingen / Germany
  • Doctoral thesis in the Department of Human Genetics, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
  • Diploma thesis in the Department of Human Genetics at the Ruhr-University Bochum / Germany
  • Studies of Biology at the Ruhr-University Bochum / Germany with focus on neurobiology, biochemistry of plants and genetics

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Full Text
See detailThe Virtual Metabolic Human database: integrating human and gut microbiome metabolism with nutrition and disease
Noronha, Alberto; Modamio Chamarro, Jennifer; Jarosz, Yohan; Guerard, Elisabeth; Sompairac, Nicolas; Preciat Gonzalez, German Andres; Danielsdottir, Anna Dröfn; Krecke, Max; Merten, Diane; Haraldsdottir, Hulda; Heinken, Almut Katrin; Heirendt, Laurent; Magnusdottir, Stefania; Ravcheev, Dmitry; Sahoo, Swagatika; Gawron, Piotr; Friscioni, Lucia; Garcia Santa Cruz, Beatriz; Prendergast, Mabel; Puente, Alberto; Rodrigues, Mariana; Roy, Akansha; Mouss, Rouquaya; Wiltgen, Luca; Zagare, Alise; John, Elisabeth; Krüger, Maren; Kuperstein, Inna; Zinovyev, Andrei; Schneider, Reinhard; Fleming, Ronan MT; Thiele, Ines

in Nucleic Acids Research (2018)

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See detailMosaic Trisomy 21/Monosomy 21 in a Living Female Infant
Nguyen, HP; Riess, A; Krüger, Maren; Bauer, P; Singer, S; Schneider, M; Enders, H; Dufke, A

in Cytogenetic and Genome Research (2009), 125(1), 26-32

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See detailExclusion of the C/D box snoRNA gene cluster HBII-52 from a major role in Prader–Willi syndrome
Runte, Maren; Varon, R; Horn, D; Horsthemke, B; Buiting, K

in Human Genetics (2005), 116(3), 228-230

See detailRadioresistance of K-Ras mutated human tumor cells is mediated through EGFR-dependent activation of PI3K-AKT pathway
Toulany, M; Dittmann, K; Krüger, Maren; Baumann, M; Rodemann, HP

in Radiotherapy and Oncology (2005), 76(2), 143-150

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See detailSNURF-SNRPN and UBE3A transcript levels in patients with Angelman syndrome
Runte, Maren; Kroisel, PM; Gillessen-Kaesbach, G; Varon, R; Horn, D; Cohen, MY; Wagstaff, J; Horsthemke, B; Buiting, K

in Human Genetics (2004), 114(6), 553-561

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See detailComprehensive methylation analysis in typical and atypical PWS and AS patients with normal biparental chromosomes 15
Runte, Maren; Faerber, Claudia; Lich, Christina; Zeschnigk, Michael; Buchholz, Tina; Smith, Arabella; Van Maldergem, Lionel; Buerger, Joachim; Muscatelli, Francoise; Gillessen-Kaesbach, Gabriele; Horsthemke, Berhard; Buiting, Karin

in European Journal of Human Genetics (2001), 9(7), 519-526

See detailThe IC-SNURF–SNRPN transcript serves as a host for multiple small nucleolar RNA species and as an antisense RNA for UBE3A
Runte, Maren; Huettenhofer, A; Groß, S; Kiefmann, M; Horsthemke, B; Buiting, K

in Human Molecular Genetics (2001), 10(23), 2687-2700

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See detailGeneralized progressive retinal atrophy of Sloughi dogs is due to an 8-bp insertion in exon 21 of the PDE6B gene
Dekomien, Gabriele; Runte, Maren; Goedde, René; Epplen, Jörg T

in CytoGenetics and Cell Genetics (2000), 90(3-4), 261-267

See detailThe IL-10 gene is not involved in the predisposition to inflammatory bowel disease.
Klein, Wolfram; Tromm, Andreas; Griga, Thomas; Fricke, Harald; Folwaczny, Christian; Hocke, Michael; Eitner, Klaus; Marx, Michaela; Runte, Maren; Epplen, Jörg T

in Electrophoresis (2000), 21(17), 3578-3582

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