Criminal Law

The criminal law group at the University of Luxembourg is composed of scholars and researchers coming from nearly 10 different legal systems. Multiculturalism, multilingualism and transnational approaches are distinctive features both in teaching and in research activities.


The aim of the research team is to strengthen knowledge in criminal law, criminal procedure and fundamental rights, embracing also collateral areas such as the enforcement of financial regulations and administrative penalties.


The group participates in the European debate and takes part in the most relevant European and international research organisations and networks. It has proven to be highly successful in national and European research competitions, as several research projects have been funded by the European Union and the Luxembourg Fonds National de la Recherche.


Criminal law research at the University of Luxembourg focuses on the following research lines:

  • European criminal justice;
  • Economic and financial criminal law;
  • Information society and criminal justice;
  • Comparative and international criminal justice.


Within the foregoing main research themes, issues of both substantive and procedural criminal law are dealt with. Furthermore, the criminal law group's research orientation is distinctly interdisciplinary, taking into account, for instance, perspectives of legal theory, social sciences, law and economics, as well as research in the field of ICT. Members of the research team aim to critically assess the development of criminal justice and place strong emphasis on the comparative analysis of different legal systems.