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Open Access: Journal of Intercultural German Studies (ZiG)

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The Journal of Intercultural German Studies (ZiG) recognizes that interculturality has established itself as a leading and innovative research concept in national and international German studies. It therefore aims to offer the broad and widely ramified research activities on this theme a scholarly forum that addresses current issues in the field of German literature, cultural studies, and linguistics, thereby also reflecting the unity of German studies.

The journal also aims to tie together the different tendencies and trends in research on interculturality, and to deepen its theoretical foundations further. Since the research paradigm of interculturality can no longer be thought of in terms of individual disciplines, the journal consciously sees itself as an interdisciplinary and comparatively open forum that is located in the international academic context.

Frequency of publication

First published in 2010, the Journal of Intercultural German Studies is a peer-reviewed journal. It is published twice a year with an issue in spring/summer that has no specific theme, and an issue in autumn/winter that has a thematic focus. Besides essays, discussion and research contributions (in German or English), the journal contains a review section on current contributions in the field of intercultural research.

ZiG as an Open Access journal

ZiG has been published under open access conditions since 2021, which means that it is made digitally accessible and available free of charge on the platforms of the transcript publishing house and the Melusina Press of the University of Luxembourg, with all the academic research advantages that such digital platforms provide. This also applies to all previously published issues of the journal, which are also freely available. However, there will be no formal conversion. ZiG is also still available in print-on-demand.

Peer Review

Only those contributions that have been positively evaluated by two independent experts will be included in the section “Essays” and “Main Themes”. Evaluation takes place anonymously. If the first and second reviews differ fundamentally in their assessment, a third review is obtained. Contributions can also be accepted with conditions determined by the reviewers, in which case the editors check whether the conditions have been fulfilled in the revised version of the contribution.

Notes for authors

Contributors should send their manuscripts with an abstract and five keywords in electronic form as a Word or RTF file to: contact@zig-online.de.

You can find instructions on how to format your contribution in our stylesheet.

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement