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Institute of Luxembourgish Linguistics and Literature Studies


  • Studying Luxembourg's multilingual and literary ecosystem in a comparative perspective
  • Conceptualizing digital tools for scientific purposes and citizen science
  • Didactic deployment for 21st Century Education

Since its creation in 2006, the Institute of Luxembourgish Linguistics and Literature Studies stands for its pioneering spirit by introducing and implementing new research paradigms and critical lenses for the study of language and literature related topics in Luxembourg and beyond. Interdisciplinary collaboration and interpersonal cooperation are, moreover, among its great strengths. Alongside the other institutes in the Department of Humanities, the Institute of Luxembourg Studies is committed to promote a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities of societal multilingualism on the one hand and the necessity of its scientific investigation on the other, especially at a time when political tendencies and economical agendas lean towards monolithic practices and, with regard to  internationally imposed research policies, a sidelining of research in the Humanities.

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