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Information Security

The Information Security Research Area covers research on cryptography and information security. The following topics are covered:

  • Symmetric and public key cryptography
    • Design and analysis of crypto schemes
    • Authenticated encryption
    • Provable security, fully homomorphic encryption
  • Efficient software and hardware implementation of cryptograhy
  • Side-channel analysis of smartcards and embedded devices
  • Security protocols
  • Network, mobile and embedded systems security
    • Security and dependability of embedded components
    • Sensors and RFID security
    • Design and analysis of lightweight cryptography
    • Internet and web-security, mobile code security
  • Privacy and anonymity
    • Privacy enhancing technologies
    • Privacy on the Internet
    • Private information retrieval and privacy preserving data mining
    • Economics of privacy
    • Information flow and access control policies
    • Privacy of health and bio-bank data
  • Verifiable voting systems, E-democracy
  • Cloud computing, reputation based systems
  • Cirtual and crypto currencies
    • Anonymity of Bitcoin
    • Design of proof of work functions
    • Economics of mining

The research theme on information security is managed by Laboratory of Algorithmics, Cryptology and Security (LACS).


This area is researched by the following professors:
  • Alexei BIRYUKOV:
    • Cryptanalysis
    • Cryptography
    • Hardware and Software Security
    • Network, Mobile and Embedded Systems Security
    • Privacy and Anonymity
    • Virtual and Crypto Currencies
  • Jean-Sébastien CORON:
    • Computational Number-Theory
    • Public-Key Cryptography
    • Side-Channel Attacks
  • Yves LE TRAON:
    • Automated implementation of security mechanisms
    • Malware detection and prevention
    • Model-Driven Security
    • Big Data at Runtime
    • Modeling at Runtime
    • Software Testing
  • Sjouke MAUW:
    • Attack Trees
    • Formal Methods
    • Location-based Services
    • Network Security
    • Privacy
    • RFIDs
    • Security Assessment
    • Security Protocols
  • Volker MÜLLER:
    • Computational Number-Theory
    • Security Primitives in Business Applications
  • Peter Y A RYAN:
    • Analysis of Information Flow
    • Cryptographic Protocols
    • Cryptographic Voting Schemes
    • Cryptography
    • Information Assurance
    • Modelling and Analysis of Secure Systems and Security Policies
    • Quantum Cryptography
    • Socio-technical Aspects of Security


These projects belong to this research area: