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See detailSulfide Chalcopyrite Solar Cells–Are They the Same as Selenides with a Wider Bandgap?
Siebentritt, Susanne; Lomuscio, Alberto; Adeleye, Damilola; Dwivedi, Aradhana; Sood, Mohit

in Physica Status Solidi. Rapid Research Letters (2022), 2200126

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See detailLow temperature (Zn,Sn)O deposition for reducing interface open-circuit voltage deficit to achieve highly efficient Se-free Cu(In,Ga)S2 solar cells
Sood, Mohit; Adeleye, Damilola; Shukla, Sudhanshu; Törndahl, Tobias; Hultqvist, Adam; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Faraday Discussions of the Chemical Society (2022)

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See detailOrigin of Interface Limitation in Zn(O,S)/CuInS2‑Based Solar Cells
Sood, Mohit; Bombsch, Jakob; Lomuscio, Alberto; Shukla, Sudhanshu; Hartmann, Claudia; Frisch, Johannes; Bremsteller, Wolfgang; Ueda, Shigenori; Wilks, Regan G.; Bär, Marcus; Siebentritt, Susanne

in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2022), 14

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See detailElectrical barriers and their elimination by tuning (Zn,Mg)O buffer composition in Cu(In,Ga)S2 solar cells: systematic approach to achieve over 14% power conversion efficiency
Sood, Mohit; Gnanasambandan, Poorani; Adeleye, Damilola; Shukla, Sudhanshu; Adjeroud, Noureddine; Leturcq, Renaud; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Journal of Physics : Energy (2022), 4

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See detailLifetime, quasi-Fermi level splitting and doping concentration of Cu-rich CuInS2 absorbers
Adeleye, Damilola; Lomuscio, Alberto; Sood, Mohit; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Materials Research Express (2021), 8

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See detailWaste- and Cd-Free Inkjet-Printed Zn(O,S) Buffer for Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 Thin-Film Solar Cells
Chu, van Ben; Siopa, Daniel; Debot, Alice; Adeleye, Damilola; Sood, Mohit; Lomuscio, Alberto; Melchiorre, Michele; Guillot, Jerôme; Valle, Nathalie; El Adib, Brahime; Rommelfangen, Jonathan; Dale, Phillip

in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2021), 13

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See detailCarrier recombination mechanism and photovoltage deficit in 1.7-eV band gap near-stoichiometric Cu(In,Ga)S2
Shukla, Sudhanshu; Adeleye, Damilola; Sood, Mohit; Ehre, Florian; Lomuscio, Alberto; Weiss, Thomas; Siopa, Daniel; Melchiorre, Michele; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Physical Review Materials (2021), 5

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See detailOver 15% efficient wide-band-gap Cu(In,Ga)S2 solar cell: Suppressing bulk and interface recombination through composition engineering
Shukla, Sudhanshu; Sood, Mohit; Adeleye, Damilola; Peedle, Sean; Kusch, Gunnar; Dahliah, Diana; Melchiorre, Michele; Rignanese, Gian-Marco; Hautier, Geoffroy; Oliver, Rachel; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Joule (2021), 5

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See detailHow photoluminescence can predict the efficiency of solar cells
Siebentritt, Susanne; Weiss, Thomas; Sood, Mohit; Wolter, Max; Lomuscio, Alberto; Ramirez Sanchez, Omar

in JPhys Materials (2021)

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See detailPassivating Surface Defects and Reducing Interface Recombination in CuInS2 Solar Cells by a Facile Solution Treatment
Sood, Mohit; Lomuscio, Alberto; Werner, Florian; Nikolaeva, Aleksandra; Dale, Phillip; Melchiorre, Michele; Guillot, Jérôme; Abou-Ras, Daniel; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Solar RRL (2021)

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See detailNear surface defects: Cause of deficit between internal and external open-circuit voltage in solar cells
Sood, Mohit; Urbanaik, Aleksander; Kameni Boumenou, Christian; Weiss, Thomas; Elanzeery, Hossam; Babbe, Finn; Werner, Florian; Melchiorre, Michele; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Progress in Photovoltaics (2021)

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See detailChemical instability at chalcogenide surfaces impacts chalcopyrite devices well beyond the surface
Colombara, Diego; Elanzeery, Hossam; Nicoara, Nicoleta; Sharma, Deepanjan; Claro, Marcel; Schwartz, Torsten; Koprek, Anna; Wolter, Max; Melchiorre, Michele; Sood, Mohit; Valle, Nathalie; Bondarchuk, Oleksandr; Babbe, Finn; Spindler, Conrad; Cojocaru-Miredin, Oana; Raabe, Dierk; Dale, Phillip; Sadewasser, Sascha; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Nature Communications (2020)

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See detailPhonon coupling and shallow defects in CuInS2
Lomuscio, Alberto; Sood, Mohit; Melchiorre, Michele; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Physical Review. B (2020), 101(8), 085119-

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See detailAbsorber composition: A critical parameter for the effectiveness of heat treatments in chalcopyrite solar cells
Sood, Mohit; Elanzeery, Hossam; Adeleye, Damilola; Lomuscio, Alberto; Werner, Florian; Ehre, Florian; Melchiorre, Michele; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Progress in Photovoltaics (2020)

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See detailChallenge in Cu-rich CuInSe2 thin film solar cells: Defect caused by etching
Elanzeery, Hossam; Melchiorre, Michele; Sood, Mohit; Babbe, Finn; Werner, Florian; Brammertz, Guy; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Physical Review Materials (2019), 3

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