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How Companies Can Supercharge Their Innovation

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Published on Thursday, 06 May 2021

The world of information and communication technology is ever evolving and changing. For companies looking to be a frontrunner of their industry, keeping up with this change is a necessity. However, for a lot of businesses, access to experts who can produce innovative technological advancements may seem to be out of their reach.

SnT’s industry partnerships have been a mainstay in our operations throughout the last 11 years, allowing both local and global businesses to benefit from our world-class expertise. It’s this initiative that is the subject of an article with Paperjam featuring Dr. Carlo Duprel. As Head of our Technology Transfer Office, he explains how we work with businesses to give them access to the latest technologies, including our areas of strength and examples of our partner results.

The interview was published in Paperjam’s morning newsletter on Thursday 6 May and can be found here.