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Prof. Dr. Christian Fisch

Christian Fisch

Associate professor in Business Economics and Entrepreneurship

Department Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and New Technology
Postal Address Campus Kirchberg, Université du Luxembourg
6, rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi
L-1359 Luxembourg
Campus Office L 117A
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 4651

Christian Fisch is Associate Professor for Business Economics and Entrepreneurship with a focus on the space sector at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability, and Trust (SnT), University of Luxembourg.

Prof. Fisch received a Master’s degree in business administration from Trier University (DE) in 2012. After that, he received a Ph.D. degree from the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM) at Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL) in 2016. He received his habilitation from Trier University in 2020 for the thesis “Essays on new and established types of entrepreneurial finance” and joined SnT in February 2022.

As head of SnT’s research group for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and New Technology (EINT), Prof. Fisch's research focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation management and his research topics are diverse. In the area of entrepreneurship, his research focuses on the financing, growth, success, and failure of start-up companies, the creation and development of young technology companies, digital transformation, sustainable entrepreneurship, and space entrepreneurship. In the area of innovation, he assesses intellectual property (e.g., patents and trademarks), innovation strategy, sustainable innovation, and innovation in the space sector. His research is predominantly quantitative-empirical and I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary research projects that combine innovative data and analytical methods.

Prof. Fisch's research was published in the leading journals in entrepreneurship and innovation research (e.g., Journal of Business Venturing, Research Policy). He regularly participates in international conferences and cooperates with researchers from all over the world. Moreover, he strives to create impactful research and his research has received worldwide press coverage.

He has extensive teaching experience in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation management, strategy, space, and quantitative-empirical methods. He has taught courses in undergraduate, graduate, and MBA programs at public and private universities in Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. He gained much of his teaching experience at Trier University, where his courses won several teaching awards. Currently, he is deeply involved in the SnT's Interdisciplinary Space Master (ISM), in which he teaches courses on space business and space entrepreneurship.

Besides, Prof. Fisch is passionate about entrepreneurship and he actively promotes the creation and development of start-ups and spin-offs. He also possesses own entrepreneurship experience, which gathered from founding and managing a consulting firm that specializes in start-ups and SMEs.

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Last updated on: 14 Feb 2022

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In press

Full Text
See detailCOVID-19 and the global venture capital landscape
Bellavitis, Cristiano; Fisch, Christian; McNaughton, Rod

in Small Business Economics (in press)

Full Text
See detailReplication studies in top management journals: an empirical investigation of prevalence, types, outcomes, and impact
Block, Jörn; Fisch, Christian; Kanwal, Narmeen; Lorenzen, Solvej; Schulze, Anna

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Full Text
See detailThe CEO beauty premium: Founder CEO attractiveness and firm valuation in initial coin offerings
Colombo, Massimo; Fisch, Christian; Momtaz, Paul; Vismara, Silvio

in Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (in press)

Full Text
See detailDoes blockchain technology democratize entrepreneurial finance? An empirical comparison of ICOs, venture capital, and REITs
Fisch, Christian; Meoli, Michele; Vismara, Silvio

in Economics of Innovation and New Technology (in press)

Full Text
See detailHistorical institutional differences and entrepreneurship: socialist legacy in Vietnam
Fisch, Christian; Wyrwich, Michael; Nguyen, Thi Lanh; Block, Jörn

in International Review of Entrepreneurship (in press)

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Full Text
See detailThe determinants of bootstrap financing in crises: evidence from entrepreneurial ventures in the COVID-19 pandemic
Block, Jörn; Fisch, Christian; Hirschmann, Mirko

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Full Text
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Chalmers, Dominic; Fisch, Christian; Matthews, Russell; Quinn, William; Recker, Jan

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See detailVC investors’ venture screening: the role of the decision maker’s education and experience
Moritz, Alexandra; Diegel, Walter; Block, Jörn; Fisch, Christian

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See detailRisk of burnout in French entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 crisis
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Full Text
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See detailLearning from invention failure among research organizations: the role of top management team founding experiences and exposure to US culture
Semrau, Thorsten; Fisch, Christian; Klingbeil, Caren

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Full Text
See detailHealth perception of French SME owners during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic
Torrès, Olivier; Fisch, Christian; Mukerjee, Jinia; Lasch, Frank; Thurik, Roy

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Full Text
See detailEight tips and questions for your bibliographic study in business and management research
Block, Jörn; Fisch, Christian

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Full Text
See detailReligion and entrepreneurship: a map of the field and a bibliometric analysis
Block, Jörn; Fisch, Christian; Rehan, Farooq

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See detailIn which regions do governmental, independent, and corporate venture capital firms invest? An empirical investigation across 402 German regions
Masiak, Christian; Fisch, Christian; Block, Jörn

in Moritz, Alexandra; Block, Jörn; Golla, Stephan; Werner, Arndt (Eds.) Contemporary Developments in Entrepreneurial Finance (2020)

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Full Text
See detailHow do labor market institutions influence the preference to work in family firms? A multilevel analysis across 40 countries
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Fisch, Christian

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Rehan, Farooq; Fisch, Christian; Block, Jörn

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Full Text
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Obschonka, Martin; Fisch, Christian

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Full Text
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Full Text
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Full Text
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Full Text
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Fisch, Christian; Block, Jörn; Sandner, Philipp

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Full Text
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Adam-Müller, Axel; Andres, René; Block, Jörn; Fisch, Christian

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Fisch, Christian; Hassel, Tobias; Sandner, Philipp; Block, Jörn

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Full Text
See detailTrademark families: characteristics and market values
Block, Jörn; Fisch, Christian; Sandner, Philipp

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See detailTitel: Die Bedeutung des CEO für die Internationalisierung von kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen
Fisch, Christian; Block, Jörn

in Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter (2013), 60(1), 139-153

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