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See detailMonetary policy and venture capital markets
Bellavitis, Cristiano; Fisch, Christian; Vismara, Silvio

in Review of Corporate Finance (in press)

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See detailSchumpeterian entrepreneurial digital identity and funding from venture capital firms
Block, Jörn; Fisch, Christian; Diegel, Walter

in Journal of Technology Transfer (in press)

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See detailReplication studies in top management journals: an empirical investigation of prevalence, types, outcomes, and impact
Block, Jörn; Fisch, Christian; Kanwal, Narmeen; Lorenzen, Solvej; Schulze, Anna

in Management Review Quarterly (in press)

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See detailTechno-overload and well-being of French small business owners: identifying the flipside of digital technologies
Thurik, Roy; Benzari, Alexandre; Fisch, Christian; Mukerjee, Jinia; Torrès, Olivier

in Entrepreneurship and Regional Development (in press)

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See detailPublic family firms and economic inequality across societies
Block, Jörn; Hirschmann, Mirko; Kranz, Tobias; Neuenkirch, Matthias

in Journal of Business Venturing Insights (2023), e00376

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See detailThe rise of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs): a first empirical glimpse
Bellavitis, Cristiano; Fisch, Christian; Momtaz, Paul

in Venture Capital (2022)

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See detailBeyond the bubble: will NFTs and digital proof of ownership empower creative industry entrepreneurs
Chalmers, Dominic; Fisch, Christian; Matthews, Russell; Quinn, William; Recker, Jan

in Journal of Business Venturing Insights (2022), 17

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See detailThe CEO beauty premium: Founder CEO attractiveness and firm valuation in initial coin offerings
Colombo, Massimo; Fisch, Christian; Momtaz, Paul; Vismara, Silvio

in Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (2022), 16(3), 491-521

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See detailThe effect of trademark breadth on IPO valuation and post-IPO performance: an empirical investigation of 1,510 European IPOs
Fisch, Christian; Meoli, Michele; Vismara, Silvio; Block, Jörn

in Journal of Business Venturing (2022), 37(5), 106237

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See detailTrademarks and how they relate to the sustainability and economic outcomes of social startups
Hirschmann, Mirko; Block, Jörn

in Journal of Cleaner Production (2022)

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See detailArtificial intelligence and entrepreneurship research
Obschonka, Martin; Fisch, Christian

in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Business and Management (2022)

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See detailHistorical institutional differences and entrepreneurship: socialist legacy in Vietnam
Fisch, Christian; Wyrwich, Michael; Nguyen, Thi Lanh; Block, Jörn

in International Review of Entrepreneurship (2021), 19(4), 499-522

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