Title: From daily test traffic to a minimum subset of dissimilar test cases
Partner: CETREL
Researchers:  Pr. Dr. Yves Le Traon, Dr. Mike Papadakis, Christopher Hénard
Start/End date: Start/End date: Oct 2011 - Oct 2014

Title: CoPAInS - Conviviality and Privacy in Ambient Intelligent Systems
Funding: Funded: National Research Fund, Luxembourg (FNR)
Industrial Collaborators: Frank Dhur, managing director of Hotcity S.A; Patrick Heymans/Obliko (Prof. Heymans consulting service), professor of software engineering at FUNDP (University of Namur); Antonis Bikakis, lecturer in the Department of Information Studies at University College London (UCL)
Researchers:  Prof. Yves Le Traon, Dr. Patrice Caire, Dr. Yehia Elrakaiby, Assaad Moawad
Start/End date: Jan 2012 - Dec 2014

Title: DYNOSOAR - Dynamic and Composite Service-Oriented Architecture Security Testing
Researchers: Prof. Yves Le Traon, Dr. Jacques Klein, Dr. Tejeddine Mouelhi
Start/End date: Apr 2011 - Apr 2014

Title: MITER - Modeling, Composing and Testing Security Concerns
Researchers: Dr. Jacques Klein, Phu H. Nguyen, Qin Zhang, Prof. Yves Le Traon
Start/End date: May 2011 - Apr 2014

Title:  Trade-off between Conviviality/Usability and Security in VDL
Partner: Ville de Luxembourg
Researchers:  Prof. Yves le Traon, Dr. Patrice Caire, Assaad Moawad
Start/End date: March 2012 - August 2015

TitleAutomated Program Repair using Fix patterns Learned from Human-written Patches
Funding: Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR)
Principal investigator: Dr. Dongsun Kim
Researchers: Mr. Kui Liu (PhD Candidate)
Starting date / Duration: 1st December 2015 – 30th November 2018 (36 months)

Title: bIoTope – Building an IoT Open Innovation Ecosystem for Connected Smart Objects
Funding: European H2020 project (ICT-30-2015)
Principal investigator: Prof. Yves LE TRAON
Research team: Prof. Yves LE TRAON, Dr. Jacques KLEIN, Dr. Jérémy ROBERT, Niklas KOLBE, Sankalp GHATPANDE
Starting date and Duration: 01/01/2016 - 36 months

Title: Risk Monitoring with Intrusion Detection for Industrial Control Systems
Funding: FNR AFR-PPP
Partners: itrust consulting, Institut Mines-Télécom Bretagne
Principal investigator: Prof. Yves Le Traon
Vice principal investigator: Prof. Jean-Marie Bonnin
Research team: Steve Muller
Starting date and Duration: September 2015, 3 years

Title: Software Testing in a DEVOPS Environment
Funding: Weicker Foundation
Partner: BGL – BNP Paribas
Principal investigator: Prof. Yves Le Traon
Vice principal investigators: Dr. Mike Papadakis
Research team: Prof. Yves Le Traon, Dr. Mike Papadakis, Dr. Marinos Kintis
Starting date and Duration: January 2017 (4 years)

Title: Android Malicious Code Localisation: Catch Me if You can!
Funding: FNR AFR-PhD Grant
Principal investigator: Pingfan KONG
Research team: Jacques KLEIN; Tegawende BISSYANDE; Li LI; Pingfan KONG
Starting date and Duration: 15/04/2017; 48 Months

Title: HitDroid: Hinting at Malicious Code in Android Apps with Graph and Data Clustering Techniques
Funding: University of Luxembourg Internal Project
Principal investigator: Jacques Klein
Vice principal investigator: Tégawendé Bissyandé
Starting date and Duration: 01/07/2018 for 3 years

Project title: Built4U: Soft landing Design and Implementation for Innovative Building Operation
Partner: Paul Wurth S.A.
Funding: Industrial Funding
Principal investigator: Prof. Yves Le Traon
Vice principal investigators: Dr. Jacques Klein and Dr. Tegawende Bissyande
Starting date and Duration: 01/01/2015 to 31/12/2018 (3 years)

Project title: Source Code Search for Semantically Similar Functionalities
Funding: FNR
Principal investigatorKisub Kim
Starting date and Duration: 1 Aug. 2017 (4 Years)