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Housing Request

Please note that:

  • any room allocation is made subject to availability.
  • obtaining university accommodation cannot be guaranteed.
  • the most complete requests, including supplementary information about the budget and the type of accommodation requested, will be processed first.
  • the SEVE can only make one housing proposal per applicant. In case of refusal, the applicant loses his/her right to student accommodation.


No earlier than 10 weeks before the desired reservation date (taking into account the start of the lease contract on the 1st or 16th of the month)

If we cannot assign you a room due to lack of availability, your request will be placed on the waiting list during the current semester.


Before submitting your housing application, please ensure that you select the correct category.

Housing request for Bachelor / Master / PhD

Housing request for Bachelor/Master/PhD

Lease renewal / No renewal

Ten weeks before the end of your contract, you will receive an email asking you whether you wish to renew or leave your accommodation.

In both cases a response from you is mandatory.


From the moment you receive the email, you have two weeks (the deadline is indicated in the email) to submit a request for renewal of your accommodation.

After this period and without a response from you :

  • The accommodation will no longer be available and you will have to leave the premises at the end of your rental contract.
  • The accommodation has not been reallocated and you must pay a late payment penalty of €100 to be able to renew your tenancy agreement.
For tenants with a mechanical key and all residents of Unival I, Unival II, Parc du Canal, the lease renewal can be signed here:
Open a ticket
For enrolled students For prospective students

No renewal

After receiving the email, you have two weeks (the deadline is indicated in the email) to submit your notification of non-renewal of the lease.

After this period and without any response from you:

  • late payment penalty of 100€ will be deducted from your rental deposit.

Incoming students / mobility

You enrol at the University of Luxembourg for one mobility semester, as part of an exchange program:

  • Mobility within the framework of a European exchange program: for example, Erasmus, European interuniversity agreements
  • Mobility as part of an exchange program outside Europe: Global exchange. e.g. CanSys or Fulbright;
  • Mobility outside any exchange program: Freemover.

The rental period is limited to the granted duration of the exchange program.

Housing request for incoming students/mobility

Return from mobility / exchange semester

You are living in one of our residences and will be leaving on a mobility trip during the next semester.

If you need a room again after your return, please apply for accommodation at the beginning of your exchange semester. Late applications can regrettably not be processed as priority.

Housing request for returning students

Change of residence

For organizational reasons, room changes are generally not accepted unless there is a case of force majeure.

It is not possible to change accommodation at the beginning of the semesters (September/October resp. February/March).

In case you need to change rooms, please send us official proof (of employment, medical proof or proof of internship) together with your request for a room change.

A room change is only possible upon payment of a 120 € fee, which covers the administration and maintenance costs. This amount is to be paid exclusively by credit card at the time of signing the new rental contract.

Room change request.pdf 557,67 kB

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For enrolled students For prospective students



Once you have been allocated accommodation, you will receive the reservation by e-mail. To confirm it, you will have to pay within 10 days:

1. A guarantee of two rents for the reserved accommodation *

2. One month's rent (1st rent) *

Without payment from you within 10 days, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

*The monthly rent depends on the allocated accommodation and cannot be communicated in advance.