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Student Participation

Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life is the service managed by the Student Department (SEVE, Service des études et de la vie étudiante) in charge of supporting and developing student engagement and support the activities of the officially recognised student associations at the University of Luxembourg.

Student Delegation

The mission of the student delegation is to inform the students of the decisions and activities concerning them, represent and defend their interests, communicate on behalf of the students to the governing bodies and entities of the University and to contribute to their daily life by participating in the management of the Office of Student Life.

It is composed of a president and seven members. If you need any support, please contact the student delegation via email or the delegates individually (contact details and mission description to be published shortly).

Student Associations, Student Clubs and Recognised Partners

The University supports various officially recognised student associations and clubs, as well as partners; please consult their list and experience and develop your engagement skills!

Student Lounges

The University has two Student Lounges, on Campus Belval and Kichberg: feel free to come by!