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Information Stands


This year, due to Covid-19 safety measures, we will only have the most essential stands on site during the Welcome Day itself. 

However, you can also meet all services and institutions below on campus during the two weeks following the Welcome Day during a specified time frame. Please check their presence directly on their information page and find some basic information about them on this "virtual fair" ground. 


Stands on campus on 11.09.2020 from 11.00 to 15.00

Location: Halle des Poches à Fonte

Student Administration (SEVE) - 
Admission & Accomodation

Questions about your enrolment at the University? Your student ID, the payment? (+info)

Questions about renting a room, a studio, the key pick up, the contract? (+info)

Visit this SEVE stand during the Welcome Day! 


Student Services (SEVE)

Student Services offers comprehensive support through three teams:

Inclusion, Disability and Additional Support Service, Counselling and Mental Health Service and the Office of Student Life (+ info)

Find information about sport, art and well-being programmes at the University of Luxembourg (+info)

Meet also the Student delegation on this stand! (+info)

IT Helpdesk for Students

Whenever you encounter an IT-related issue, please contact IT Helpdesk for Students. They will be on site during the Welcome Day.

Also check out this helpful flyer (PDF).


Campus Radio

Campus Radio is the place where you can talk about your own topics, encouters at the uni, nice projects happening at or around the uni or your favourite music. 

You can find out more about radio production and build your own show or just come by to present your project. To get involved email campus(at)graffiti.lu

Listen to some of stories:




Stands on campus after the Welcome Day

Please check the schedule for each stands in the dropdown info. (Schedules will be added gradually.)

Location: Foyer of the Maison du Savoir (East Entrance)


Luxembourg Learning Centre

The Luxembourg Learning Centre (LLC) is more than a library. It is a meeting place, a space for knowledge sharing in the heart of Belval. The various work and relaxation spaces at your disposal have been conceived to meet your needs. The LLC encourages exchange of ideas and contributes to your work, both individual and collective. (+info)

Meet us on site: 21.09.2020 10.00-16.00.  Visit us and get the "Academic Survival Kit" offered to new students!


Student Services (SEVE)

Student Services offers comprehensive support through three teams:

Inclusion, Disability and Additional Support Service, Counselling and Mental Health Service and the Office of Student Life (+ info)

Find information about sport, art and well-being programmes at the University of Luxembourg (+info)

Meet us on site: 23.09.2020 10.00-16.00 


Language Centre

The Language Centre aims to enhance the multilingual skills of students  by offering language and communication courses and tools for academic, professional and general purposes. (+info)

Meet us on site: 21.09.2020 10.00-16.00






espace cultures

espace cultures seeks to add a cultural dimension to the main tasks of the University of Luxembourg, namely learning and research.

With this in mind, espace cultures, runs and coordinates cultural, intercultural events and contributes to life on campus. (+info)

Meet us on site: 16.09.2020 10.00-16.00


Student Associations

To be part of a student association and student life in general is paramount to having a positive university experience. Student Associations provide students with valuable skills such as the ability to work in a team environment, to engage with the University beyond academics, and to belong to a family away from home. This type of engagement is essential for taking full advantage of the "University Experience". (+info)


Meet us on site:

24.09.2020 10.00-16.00 for DSAIL + ESN

25.09.2020 10.00-16.00 for Historic UL + ISAL + ELSA


Become UNIque - Uni.lu Hoodies

Become part of our UNIque community and show your pride with a hoodie from the University of Luxembourg.

Two designs available:

Hoodie Designs

Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL

Price per hoodie:
Blue: 14.68€
White (with zipper): 17.75€

Contact Dorothée Warnant per email to schedule an appointment and indicate your size and colour. Pickup at the Maison de Savoir 15th floor (MSA entrance Administration). Payment by card only!






International Relations / 
Mobility / Euraxess

Student mobility is strongly promoted at the University of Luxembourg. One semester abroad is compulsory for all Bachelor students and many exchange opportunities are also on offer for Master or PhD students. (+info)

Meet us on site: 18.09.2020 10.00-16.00

With us on site: Euraxess and Sophia University Luxembourg Office.


Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute at the University of Luxembourg offers General Chinese (Mandarin) courses on Belval and Kirchberg Campuses at all levels. These courses are free for all students and ECTS are allocated. (+info)

Meet us on site: 14.09.2020 10.00-16.00








Career Centre

The Career Centre supports you in preparing for a world of great opportunities when you graduate. We offer tailor-made support, advice and guidance, we work with you to identify your aspirations, strengths, potential, talents and passions. (+info)

Meet us on site: 14.09.2020 10.00-16.00


Entrepreneurship programme /
University of Luxembourg 

Entrepreneurship Programme allows students across all faculties to participate in initiatives that train skills essential to be successful in working life. The University of Luxembourg Incubator is there to support start-ups in bringing their ideas to the market. We also invite business experts from Luxembourg and abroad to share their story and to provide advice so students have an opportunity to establish new contacts, step-by-step building a valuable career network. (+info)

Meet us on site: 17.09.2020 and 22.09.2020 10.00-16.00


University of Luxembourg 
Competence Centre

The University of Luxembourg Competence Centre (ULCC) is the partner of the University of Luxembourg for continuous education and the development of professional skills reinforced by an academic curriculum. (+info)

Meet us on site: 15.09.2020 10.00-16.00