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Well-being and inclusion

Many situations may generate the need for support and accommodations to enable the pursuit of studies in the best conditions.

That's why an inclusion officer, Joanna West, is available for students with specific needs.

The service for well-being and inclusion 

This service is a part of the inclusion office. We support students with specific needs by providing advices and support.

Who we support

The service for well-being and inclusion supports undergraduate and postgraduate students, visiting students, full-time and part-time students. If you have a range of health conditions, learning difficulties, disabilities or some temporary injuries you could be eligible for reasonable accommodation.

How to Apply

 If you are new to the service, you need to follow few steps:

  1. We strongly encourage you to let us know if you have any impairment or disability as it enables us to discuss with you.

    Contact us:
    Adresse: Inclusion office, Maison du Savoir, 2 avenue de l’Université, L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette,  student department (5th floor), office H.
    Email: specificneeds@uni.lu
    Phone : +352 466 644 6783

  2. We advise you to ask for an appointment by email. Let us know:

    your first name,
    last name,
    ID Number (if you are already registered at Uni),
    type of impairment,

with this information we will provide you a secured link to send us a relevant evidence about your disability

Information for parents/guardians:
Parents or guardians are welcome to accompany their student to our office with the student’s authorization. However, it’s generally recommended that students attend appointments independently.

Evidence of disability

 We need a recent letter (6-months max) or documentation from a medica professional. The evidence must outline:

  1. Details of your disability or medical condition and symptoms – does it need specific accommodation.
  2. When the diagnosis was made.
  3. Whether it’s on-going or long-term
  4. How this affect your daily life.


The specific needs service will only pass on any personal information about you with your consent or in very exceptional circumstances (GDPR compliant). For more details please contact the advisor.