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Doctoral Education

Interested in applying for a doctorate at the University of Luxembourg?

At the University of Luxembourg, structured doctoral programmes combine coursework and research phases carried out over three to four years for full-time students (36-48 months, as defined by the University law):

  • Disciplinary and/or interdisciplinary research work;
  • Customised courses, enabling you to acquire advanced academic knowledge and a range of transferable skills; and
  • Defence of your original academic work — the doctoral dissertation — before a distinguished committee of experts.

Learn more about how to become a doctoral candidate, how doctoral education is organised at the University of Luxembourg and in case you are a researcher, how to become a supervisor.




Joint supervision of a doctoral thesis

Doctoral Education Agreement (DEA)

Doctoral Training:

  • Transferable Skills
  • Entrepreneurial Skills

Visiting Doctoral Candidate



Four Doctoral Schools

Discover the four Doctoral Schools at the University of Luxembourg:

Each Doctoral School has at least one Doctoral programme.



If you have more questions, please contact the Office of Doctoral Studies (Bureau des études doctorales, BED) via email: phdstudies@uni.lu


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