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Luxemburger Wort, May 2010

Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

What did you like most about MEI?

There are several important factors which make this very postgraduate master interesting for students. First of all the teaching staff represents a good balance between academia and business. During the course we were able to solve many real business cases what could significantly enrich our background for running own company in the future. Secondly, the second part of the course allows you to do an internship in one of many companies located in Luxembourg and by writing a master thesis gives you the possibility to solve a real problem the company is facing. Lastly, thanks to the open discussion form of the lectures, students coming from many countries and having different work backgrounds were able to bring additional value to the course by sharing their experiences in the class.

Why did you choose the Luxembourg Business Academy for performing your master studies?

I liked the combination of studying at the university and doing an internship in a international company. Apart from that the multinationalism in Luxembourg was attractive as well.

What was your master thesis about?

The project was about customer data integration for improving database marketing activities of a global company based in Luxembourg. The result of the project was a firm background for running a real IT project integrating many operational systems in the company.

Will you stay in Luxembourg?

I'm planning to stay here for a few years to gain relevant work experience in an international environment. After that I am planning to establish my own company.

What advice could you give to new students?

Work hard during the course and try to exchange as much experience with other classmates as possible. Treat this master as a good investment for your future career.