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Luxemburger Wort, May 2010

Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

What do you like most about Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation?

The close relationship with the mentor companies thanks. This gives us the opportunity to tackle the company’s practical business tasks and challenges related to the Luxembourgish marketplace.

Why did you choose the University of Luxembourg to study your Master in?

It is a University positioned in the heart of Europe’s financial center. Thanks to close relationships between the government and private sector, we can develop our future endeavors with much support.

Which hobbies do you practice in Luxembourg?

Photography, as Luxembourg has many hidden secret sites both within the city and in the countryside. It always provides me with new challenges.

Which specialization did you choose? Why?

I chose the Entrepreneurship and Innovation program because as a sole business program targeted towards Luxembourg market needs, it puts us right in the scope of interest of many possible future employers.

What is your master thesis about?

Working closely with my mentor company, I have focused on researching a topic that describes the added value to business of Web 2.0 technology in the business-to-business environment of professional service companies.

Will you stay in Luxembourg?

I like to keep my options open, but as the Luxembourgish market is very tempting, there are big chances I might settle down here.

What advice could you give to new students?

Define your expectations well, so you can get the most out of your mentor company and the subjects studied. Define your needs well and use the resources around you to complete them.