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Luxemburger Wort, May 2010

Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

What do you like most in MEI?

The small international group of students represents the perfect condition for an intense cultural exchange. I particularly like the group works in the program as they not only have a practical relevance but also provide a great exercise of how to work in a team composed of people with different cultural backgrounds.

The professors are really experts in their field. Their teaching approach comprises of a combination between theoretical and practical knowledge to prepare you best for your entrepreneurial endeavour.

The program offers the opportunity to meet a lot of people in Luxembourg and create contacts with the mentor companies.

Why did you choose the University of Luxembourg for performing your master studies?

I liked the masters program because it is an intense one-year program in English about entrepreneurship. It is also closely linked to various companies in Luxembourg, providing the opportunity to apply the learned in class in a practical experience during the studies.

Which specialization did you choose? Why?

I chose the ICT track, because I believe it is crucial to know more about Information and communications technology in the times we are living in. A lot of today’s entrepreneurial ideas come from this sector and I wanted to learn more about it and see how the evolvements in this industry could be used in “traditional” businesses.

Which hobbies do you practice in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a great place to go hiking or practice any outdoor sports. I like going jogging in Luxembourg’s beautiful parks.

There are various bars and cafes where you can enjoy a glass of wine and meet up with friends.

Will you stay in Luxembourg?

Yes, I believe I will. This small country in the heart of Europe offers a lot of opportunities and there are still a lot of things to be explored in this country. I am sure that soon Luxembourg will become a more exciting place to be.

Which advices could you give new students?

Make sure you know exactly why you want to follow this masters program – be it to start a new business, to improve an existing one or just to change your carrier. This will help you get the most out of the program. Plan ahead with accommodation and budget.