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Bachelor en Cultures Européennes


Are you interested in studying one of the subjects below? Would you like to know more about our study programme and explore the different tracks of the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes and the Common Curriculum in the European Cultures:

  • English Studies
  • Etudes françaises
  • Germanistik
  • Histoire
  • Philosophie
  • Lëtzebuerger Linguistik a Literatur

Then sign up and join selected seminars and lectures at the Campus Belval from 11.04 - 13.04.2023!

We suggest you pick courses from specific tracks and the Common Curriculum in the European Cultures as it is an integral part of the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes for all tracks.

Register before 30.03.2023 (12:00am): HERE (Link active from 23.03. at 16:00 pm - 30.03.23 at 23:55 p.m.)

Once the registration is closed you will receive a confirmation by email with the courses you can participate in (including room details).

There are no registration fees for this event.
For any further questions please contact

Sneak Peek Programme 2023 

For your information: applications for all tracks are already open (until 23th May 2023). If you wish to apply, please follow the application procedures: Apply