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Bachelor en Cultures Européennes - Histoire

Local history: contextualisation, digitalisation and interaction

"Everybody a historian": The Internet, and especially Web 2.0 democratise not only access to knowledge but also the creation of knowledge.

This seminar encourages students to participate in these processes while guiding them in historical criticism, interpretation of sources and contextualisation of findings.

The course is also explicitly aimed at free listeners, 'amateur' historians, who would like to confront their material with the criteria of scientificity.

The course is bilingual (French and German) and generates concrete 'by-products' in the form of articles published below, bibliographies and discussions on historical topics online.

The course poster can be downloaded here, and the programme under HistoireLocale.



Article on the history of the Clausen breweries by Romina Vittore (History student, Semester 4): Vittore_Clausen

Article on the history of Olingen by Jean Alex Feller (Senior Auditor): Feller_Olingen