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Master en Enseignement Secondaire - Mathematics

The Master en Enseignement has three main pillars:

  • Pillar I: Field-Specific Professional Competence
  • Pillar II: Didactic Competence
  • Pillar III: General Professional Competence

The study programme is accompanied by two three-week school internships with preparatory and follow-up workshops and is completed by a master's thesis.

The distribution of the ECTS credits between the pillars I, II and III may vary depending on the core subject


The seminars (+ 5 ECTS) in modules 1.5 and 1.6 of General Professional Competence are optional, but attendance is recommended.

In addition to Field-Specific Professional Competences and Didactic Competences, courses in General Professional Competences systematically impart educational science, pedagogical-psychological and general didactical knowledge on the topics of Multilingualism and Heterogeneity, Forschungsfeld Schule and The Social Context of Teaching and Learning.

On the other hand, the school internship accompanying workshops are located in this area, which prepare and consolidate the theory-practice transfer.

Please visit the Master en Enseignement Secondaire - Mathematics webpage for more information.