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Master in Geography and Spatial Planning

10 facts about the Master


1 - Information session: At the beginning of the academic year, an information day is organised just for you! You are new, in a new class, with new colleagues coming from all over the world and ready to start their new journey in Luxembourg. The teaching staff, course director and secretary welcome you, provide all the information you have always wanted, and give you the chance to ask questions and get to know us 

2 - Play as you discover!  We have designed special games (location based and board games) that will help you get to know Luxembourg, Belval and your classmates. We organise play sessions throughout the academic year. 

3 - Formation continue en aménagement du territoire: for our multi-lingual (FR and DE) students we have cleared our timetable so that those who wish to apply to obtain the Certificate in Education in Land use planning can participate (if selected) in the second year of their studies.  

4 - Course options: We believe that a mixed method approach to geography is important, you will be required to understand and explore theory, practice and policy in both approaches, but you will also have the option to choose a track according to your preferences.  The programme provides a variety of interesting courses and selecting the right ones is never an easy job. Choose wisely and most importantly, on time.  

5 - Field Work: As geographers we use Luxembourg and the surrounding greater region as our living Lab. You will have lots of opportunities to discover how issues in geography and urban planning emerge in reality. 

6 - Language Learning: Our Master’s programme is taught in English but as you know Luxembourg is a trilingual country with French, German and Luxembourgish being the official languages. Beyond our programme you have the opportunity to take up a new language with many courses offered by the University Language Centre.   

7 - Selfcare: Studying for a Master’s degree is rewarding but incredibly hard work. To be successful it requires curiosity, dedication, passion, time management and excellent organisation skills. To achieve success in your master it is also necessary to be healthy, happy and confident. The university UMatter is there to help you find the right direction.  

8 - Active learning: We are a small and friendly department. We value the opportunity for open and inter-cultural discussion on relevant topics with our students and offer many opportunities for active learning  

9 - Student and Alumni evenings: We organise evening events for current students where our former students, alumni, are invited to discuss their career paths after completing the Master. They share their experience about the employment opportunities and post-graduate training options available to our graduates. 

10 - Events & Activities: Social life is a priority too! The University of Luxembourg offers a wide variety of events and activities. For example, as a geography collective we try to take part in the FNR science festival and the researcher’s day to share our love and understanding of geography with the general public – we love for our students to get involved with these activities too. You can also join in the many sports and cultural activities available on campus. 


Examples of our special games and fieldwork