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Our Master degree programmes

Master in Geography and Spatial Planning

Your career in Geography and Spatial Planning starts today ! 


The Master in Geography and Spatial Planning:  

  • Degree: Master in Geography and Spatial Planning 
  • Duration: 2 years full-time / 4 semesters (120 ECTS) (part-time option available).  
  • Languages: English 

Why study with us?   

Our progamme in Geography and Spatial planning combines theory, policy and practice. Our students have the opportunity to discover, explore and develop understanding around some of the bigger issues that are at the intersection of society, environment and our economy. This include acquiring knowledge on topics linked to sustainable developments such as sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, climate action, and reduced inequalities.  

  • Our scholars are all active academic researchers so you have the opportunity to get involved in current research  
  • We value small group teaching and open, intercultural discussions. Therefore, we have excellent staff to student ratios 
  • Luxembourg, the greater region and Europe is our living lab. Offering a diverse and enriching experience in which to study geography and spatial planning 
  • Our multilingual Luxembourg graduates are highly sought after by local employers 
  • Our international graduates have a globally recognised qualification that leads to many employment opportunities in Europe and beyond.  

On completion of our Master you will be able to take your knowledge on the current debates, policy and practice and apply it throughout the course of your career.  

Our learning environment:  

We offer a supportive and small group-learning environment that encourages students to challenge policies, theories, debates and data related to spatial processes and practices. To achieve this, you will undertake a mix of individual or collaborative activities that build upon the latest qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods geographical analysis. 

Luxembourg offers a unique study location in the heart of Europe. Throughout the programme you will explore planning issues of relevance to Luxembourg and the Greater Region, set within the context of national and international experience.  

We guide students to become autonomous researchers and encourage them to develop personal interests in the wider field of geography and spatial planning.  You will expand your skillset through applied and experiential learning, including Local and European fieldwork, hands-on practicals, investigation and evaluation of case studies, role-play, debates and engagement with professional practitioners. 

Additionally, our students profit from the inspiring intercultural and interdisciplinary context provided by both their peers and their teachers.  

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