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Bachelor in Computer Science


What is BICS ? 

It is an acronym that stands for our Bachelor In Computer Science.

What is the difference between BICS and BINFO?

BICS prepares you to continue your studies in a master programme related to computer sciences.
BICS is a scientific program meaning that you must be interested by one or more of these terms: precision, rigor, quality, method, deduction, logic, structure, abstraction.

Are there gateways between BiCS and BINFO?

There is not gateway from BICS to BINFO or from BINFO to BICS. You have to apply for admission as any other applicant.

Will I be ready for the labor market once I've completed the programme?

The BiCS does not prepare you to go to the job market directly, but to follow master studies in a field related to computer science. However, if you decide to go for a job once you have completed the BiCS, the current market situation in the digital world will allow you to find a good job in almost no time.



What is the language in which courses are taught?

The BiCS relies on two languages:
- The primary language which is ENGLISH represents up to 95% of the programme.
- The secondary language which is French or German (freely selected by the candidate) represents 5% of the programme.

Is there a need for a language certificate to enter to the BICS?

All candidates must prove language proficiency only in ENGLISH at level B2 (under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – CEFR).
Language levels should be documented by candidates in the following ways:
Secondary/high school certificate from a school at which ENGLISH was one of the main teaching languages,
University degree (Bachelor of Master level) certifying completion of a programme in which ENGLISH was the teaching language.
Internationally recognised test certificate dating from no more than a year ago, such as TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS in ENGLISH that corresponds at least to B2 level.
Secondary school diploma documenting at least 5 years of intensive language classes in the relevant language(s), with transcripts of marks achieved in language examinations.

For your secondary language (French or German) , it is recommended (but not required) to prove a minimum CEFR equivalent level at application time of B1. It is up to you to decide which secondary language you'll rely on during the full programme.

Does the university offer courses to improve language skills?

Once you become student at the BiCS, you will be able to use all the language services offered by the University of Luxembourg to improve your language skills. The BICS programme itself does not include any language courses.

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Can I apply to the BICS even if I do not have yet my high school diploma?

Yes, you should apply as soon as possible and you will have until end of August to communicate the remaining documents.
Specific rules can apply to non-EU students.

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What is the procedure to have my high school diploma recognised officially?

The link given below provides the information about diploma recognition.

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Can I apply to enter the BiCS at any semester ?

You have to apply to the programme during the official period, and providing the requested documents. Depending on your acceptance to the programme and
the offical result of the exemptions granted, you can be placed in a higher study semester.
The link below gives you more information about how to receive exemptions and advance to a higher semester.

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Can you give me details about the motivation letter?

This is a very important element of your application. In this letter you must express information that should:
- represent your own and individual opinion,
- present who you are,
- demonstrate that you understood what the BiCS studies are,
- demonstrate that you know your strengths and weaknesses for those studies,
- demonstrate that you are ready to invest the necessary efforts to succeed in your studies,
- demonstrate your motivation for studies that are based on creativity, science and technology with equal importance.

I've already have some knowledge (certified by an education institute) that is taught in one of the courses of the programme, is it possible to be released of this course?

The University accepts requests for recognition of prior experience from applicants to or students in one of its bachelor or master programmes.
You can find all the information related to this subject using the link provided below.

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Can a high school diploma of technical level, be accepted?

Any high school diploma is accepted for application to the the BICS. However, this bachelor is, above all, a scientific training and, as this bachelor has a numerus clausus, if your diploma is more technical than scientific, we will pay a particular attention to the contents of your studies and of of your letter of motivation. Your high school studies must have prepared you for the BiCS studies and you motivation letter must show us what, in your opinion, makes you a suitable candidate to successfully complete this scientific training.

Can an international "A-level" high school diploma can be accepted?

Yes if and only if you have validated at least 4 A-levels.

Do I need some specific knowledge in programming and coding to enroll the BiCS's first year?

You do not need previous experience in programming, you need: interest in science and digital technologies, and a strong motivation to work enough to acquire the skills and knowledge the BiCS programme aims to transfer.

I am in the waiting list, can I now my ranking ?

No, since your ranking changes until the last day. All applications are ranked based on the selection criteria. If N positions are available then the N first applicants in the waiting list will be accepted. There are three dates at which applications in waiting list status are re-considered which are middle of July, middle of August and end of August. At those dates a number of positions to be allocated to waiting list students is defined, the waiting list students are ordered and the available positions are allocated according to the ordering.



Can you help me to find an accommodation?

The University of Luxembourg has student housing facilities. Find out more about these facilities and how to get access to them in the following link.

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I need financial support, are there some scholarships?

You can find all the financial support measures using the link provided below.

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Is it possible to work (full time) while following the study programme?

The schedule of the study programme requires you to be able week days between 8:00 AM and 18:00 PM to follow courses, seminars, lab sessions, and other similar duties. That makes impossible to work in a full-time job while following the study programme.

What other support can I get?

You can find all the help/support measures offered by the University of Luxembourg using the link provided below.

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Where can I look for more information?

The University of Luxembourg has an extensive repository with useful information for prospect and current students. You can find it using the link below.

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