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Bachelor in Engineering


The Bachelor in Engineering (BENG) offers an applied engineering education in different tracks (electrical engineering, energy and environment, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and digital engineering). It targets the acquisition of a first professional qualification. The students gain the necessary competencies to be able to quickly enter the labour market. Further studies, e.g. a master's degree course, are also possible.


At the end of the programme, the student is able to:

  • perform common engineering tasks in their field, for example designing and dimensioning of technical products and processes, and to make expert decisions
  • recognize and establish bridges between different topics in their field
  • exchange with partners of related fields and make appropriate decisions
  • communicate technical facts to a general or expert audience in a correct and appropriate manner
  • recognize the social, environmental, economic and legal aspects of the activities and incorporate them in the decisions
  • assess uncertainty and risk and act accordingly
  • work in an international, multilingual environment
  • work with increasing autonomy and take over leadership tasks
  • be aware of the need for continuously professional development