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Master en Développement Durable

Target audience and admission requirements

The Master en Développement Durable is aimed at all students, whatever their basic training - Bachelor's or Master's - in exact sciences (biology, chemistry, engineering, bio-engineering...) or human sciences (economics, management, sociology...). This philosophy of teaching in the environment encourages making this training available to both Bachelor's and Master's degree holders, as the basic diploma acquired beforehand is perceived by teachers as a resource to be valued throughout the training. This is achieved through the complementarity of approaches and their synergy through teaching.


1. Registrations are only accepted for the winter semester (September of each year)

2. Students admitted with a double degree must enrol at the university they contacted for admission and then at the partner university. They are registered as regular students at both universities. They pay the registration fees for their first year at the Université de Liège in Arlon and the registration fees for their second year at the University of Luxembourg (+ eventually other fees at University de Liège). In case of repeating a year, they pay the registration fees of the university where they start again.

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Success or repetition

If a first year student is postponed at the Université de Liège, he or she will no longer be able to obtain a double degree and will have to choose the university where he or she wishes to repeat the year or validate the credits not acquired. They will then only obtain a degree from that university. Students in a balance situation will be analysed on a case by case basis.