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Master en Développement et Validation du Logiciel

The holder of the diploma is able to :

  • Identify and select the information, methodological tools and competences he needs to maintain and increase his level of expertise
  • Constitute a synthesis on a new subject, state of the art and practice, in an autonomous and rigorous way, and know how to orientate it for the specific context of a company
  • Analyse the client's needs and drafting the corresponding functional (specifications, deadlines, costs, etc.) and technical (technology, software architecture, etc.) specifications.
  • Design and develop computer programs and applications
  • Define and carry out the phases and procedures for technical and functional testing of computer programs and applications (planning, validation, etc.).
  • Supervise and coordinate the implementation of qualification campaigns throughout the software life cycle (unit testing, integration, non-regression, compliance, acceptance testing).
  • Analyse technical and functional problems, proposing corrective measures and technical compliance (in terms of reliability, compliance, security, etc.).
  • Elaborate and write documents and technical support for developers, users, IT departments, etc.
  • Define, implement and ensure a technological watch in order to detect new technical and functional possibilities offered by the market